The mission of Fellowship Olathe’s Kids Ministry, in partnership with parents, is to love kids, lead kids and launch kids. We want to supplement your efforts at home and provide avenues for Christian teaching, recreation and friendships.


The goal for the Fellowship Olathe Student Ministry is that every student would be prepared to live the rest of their lives for Jesus Christ and making Him known to the world around us. We want to assist families in teaching their students to learn to stand for the gospel and own their faith by being able to defend it.


You were made to live in community with others, and one way to find community is through a group! We have weekly Life Groups for continually study of God’s Word and Growth Groups to help you grow in specific areas in your walk with the Lord. Join a group today!


It is our desire to help every woman in our church get involved in missions and ministry to utilize their gifts, abilities, and talents for the good of our church body and the growth of the Kingdom of God.


The Fellowship Olathe Men’s Ministry is all about helping men become the spiritual leaders God has called them to be, focusing on discipleship, relationship building and service. We accomplish this through Bible studies and discipleship.

Senior Adults

The Senior Adults at Fellowship Olathe experience an abudant life in Christ, and continue to grow in Him while sharing their wisdom and experience with the next generation. The Senior Adult Ministry desires to honor God by providing opportunities for seniors to grow spiritually, fellowship with one another, and reach the lost and unchurched in the Olathe community.

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