Spring Midweek Discipleship

Women  |  Men  |  Adults

Our methods are changing but the mission of evangelism and discipleship remains the same. There is a place of service and growth for all who attend onsite or online. There is no better time for members or guests to be immersed in God’s Word.  



3 years old by August 31st – 6th grade
Starting Jan. 6th | 6:30pm

Registration for AWANA is now open! If you have children 3 years old by August 31st all the way through 6th grade, jump on the sign-up train and join us for AWANA this winter/spring!


High School Offsite Option

Students choosing to participate in offsite small group will be divided based on gender into small groups of 3-6 that will meet at a home, coffee shop, park or other public place throughout the week at the discretion of the group leader. No groups will be meeting onsite at LBC. These small groups will cover the same topics discussed in our Zoom option. Registration is required.

High School Zoom Option | Via Zoom

Thursdays | 7:00pm

Students will meet online in Zoom format as we go through various Biblically centered topics. There is no registration required. Zoom links will be sent via weekly Student Ministry Email.

Middle School | Live Bible Study | Via Zoom

Thursdays | 7:00pm
Email jallen@lenexabaptist.com for Zoom meeting link.

We will continue to offer a mid-week zoom Bible Study through the first of the year. Our Bible study is on Thursday nights at 7pm.  We spend some time worshipping through song, studying the Bible and finish each night in small groups discussing and applying the Biblical text we studied that night.  We are very mindful of school nights so we promise to be done by 8pm so students can finish homework and get the rest they need. This is another great opportunity to keep your student connected, please help us by supporting this opportunity with your students!


Elijah-Faith and Fire

Tues. Jan. 12-Feb. 23 | 9am-10:30am

Led by Faith McDonald | Room 227


Wed. Jan. 13-Feb. 24 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Holly Manlove | Room 224
*In person & on Zoom

Join us as we journey through the life and times of the prophet Elijah to discover how the fire on Mount Carmel was forged in the valley of famine. And how the emboldened, fiery faith you desire is being fashioned by God in your life right now.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

Take Courage:  A Study of Haggai


Tues. Jan. 12-Feb. 23 | 9am-11am
Led by Kate Wilson | Room 224

Wed. Jan. 13-Feb. 24 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Cathy Schmidt | Room 230
*In person & on Zoom

Do you ever feel like the happy ending of your story is a million miles away? In this study of the Book of Haggai, learn to walk confidently in your calling, stay motivated despite opposition, and courageously invest your life in God’s purposes, trusting Him for results you may never see in this lifetime.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

Matchless: The Life and Love of Jesus


Wed. Jan. 13-Mar. 3 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Melanie Golightly | Room 227

Who is Jesus? Why did He come to earth? How can I know Him? Join us as we  unfold the story of our matchless Savior—His mission, miracles, and message. This study will deepen your understanding of Jesus through biblical, historical, and cultural insight and help you see Him less as an iconic figure and more as an intimate friend.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

Jesus and Women In the First Century and Now


Wed. Mar. 24-May 5 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Allison Nelson | Room 224

Join us as we  examine the historical and cultural climate of first-century Middle Eastern society to not only understand Jesus more deeply but to fuel your worship of Him today.

To purchase the Bible Study Book click here.

Precepts Inductive Bible Study: Isaiah: Face to Face with a Holy God


Tues. Jan. 12-Mar. 9 | 9am-11am
Led by Cheryl Schweizer | Room 228

When Isaiah encountered the Holy One of Israel, he was transformed and given a mission. God is ready to speak directly to you through His Word. As you probe Isaiah’s message, you’ll see a society at a crossroads, much like ours: Will they face judgment and captivity, or will they repent, look to their Savior, and be delivered?

To purchase the Bible Study Book click here.

Precept Upon Precept 1 John, 2 & 3


Tues. Jan. 12-Apr. 27 | 9am-11am
Led by Caroline Trammel and Lisa Bower | Zoom Only

Tues. Jan. 12-Apr. 27 | 7pm-9pm
Led by Caroline Trammel and Lisa Bower | Zoom Only

How do you know if you’re really born again? What does it mean to be holy. . . to love God? Find answers to these and other questions as you take a look back at the fundamentals of Christian beliefs.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

No Other Gods: The Unrivaled Pursuit of Christ


Wed. Jan. 13-Mar. 3 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Wendy Bost | Room 236

In this updated study, learn to identify the functional gods you may be unknowingly serving and the lies they tell. As you dethrone your modern-day idols you’ll be set free for the deeper, more abundant life Jesus came to give you—discovering that Jesus can do what no other god can.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

Renew for Moms


Jan. 13 – Apr. 21 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Sue Fruth | Pastor’s Reception Room

Renew is New!

New time, New day….Fulfilling the same purpose of encouraging and mentoring mothers of young children. Renew will meet during Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-8pm January 13 through April 21. We will use the study Adorned by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth for your personal, at home study throughout the week and then we will discuss each week’s study as we gather on Wednesday evenings. Also included in our Wednesday evenings together will be mentor mom minutes, small group times with a mentor mom, and periodic special events such as crafts or service projects.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

For more information, contact renew@lenxabaptist.com.


Every Man a Warrior

Wed. Jan. 13-Apr. 14 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Jon Buckman | Rooms 247 & 248

Every Man a Warrior has a total of 27 lessons and may be the most practical Bible study most men will ever do. It is designed specifically to deal with the issues that men face and need to succeed in. Field tested for years, it has been used with men of all ages from teens to men in their 70s.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

6:30 – 7:30am

In this study we will be looking at Galatians and Ephesians one chapter at a time. This study will be helpful in providing guidance on how we can experience the ongoing freedom of being God’s children, and the freedom that Christ has won for us.

Measure of a Man


Wed. Jan. 13-Apr. 14 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Jacob Oehlert | Cafe

The Measure of a Man by Gene A. Getz, the classic bestseller that has inspired men’s Bible studies around the world, is now updated to reach a new generation of young men! Drawing on the apostle Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, Dr. Getz explains 20 attributes of a godly man.

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Wed. Jan. 13-Mar. 24 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Tim Swift | Room 228

Let God’s Truth transform your journey toward financial freedom.

Seek wisdom about the root causes of your financial issues. Rather than attacking the symptoms alone, the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study applies biblical teaching to the heart of the problem, providing real healing and hope.

Love and Respect


Wed. Jan. 13-Mar. 24 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Travis Bryant | Room 238

What do you want for your marriage? Want some peace? Want to feel close? Want to feel valued? Want to experience marriage the way God intended? Then why not try some Love and Respect.

To purchase Bible Study Book click here.

I Share Hope – Reaching the “Religious” and Unreached


Starts Tuesday, January 26 @ 6:30pm with Lee Strobel
Resumes every Wed. thereafter through March 24th
Pastor Steve Barnes | Zoom

Knowing what to say when sharing our faith with those from other beliefs or no belief at all can be challenging. Each week during our Zoom training, we’ll hear from experts and those who are experienced at communicating the Gospel with Atheists & skeptics, Mormons, “Cultural Christians” & Catholics, Muslims and several other belief systems. This seven week training will be highly informative, interactive, and challenging for those who want to be more engaged and intentional with sharing your faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have questions, please email sbarnes@lenexabaptist.com

The Truth Project


Wed. Jan. 13-Mar. 24 | 6:30pm-8pm
Led by Tim Dykman and Roy Browning | Room 249

The Truth Project is a ground-breaking small group curriculum on the Biblical worldview. Start looking at life from a biblical perspective. Join Dr. Del Tackett, as he takes you through 13 engaging video lessons on the relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life.

College Tuesday Night Worship

 7:00 – 8:30 | In The Foundry

Join us every Tuesday night as we meet together for a time of worship, studying God’s word, and connecting with other 18-25 year olds. We will have food, games, and time to just hang out from 7:00-7:30, then worship and Bible study from 7:30-8:30. Invite someone to come with you and we look forward to seeing you there!. You can also join into this time online if you would prefer. Email thackathorn@lenexabaptist.com for details

*We are currently following LBC’s Gather Together Again Protocols